The 2014 Innovation Fellow Campaigns competition, in partnership with global web-based crowd funding site Indiegogo, recognizes companies and technology that have the potential to be the next meaningful innovation in health and well-being.

Innovation Fellows Winner 2014

Philips North America named VoiceItt, developer of the voice recognition software TalkItt, as the grand prize winner of the second annual Philips Innovation Fellows competition.

TalkItt empowers people with motor, speech or language disorders to easily communicate. By recognizing the user’s vocal patterns, the app will translate unintelligible pronunciation from any language into understandable speech via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

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Innovation Fellows Winner 2013

Last year’s Innovation Fellows winner, Fosmo Med, developed the Maji IV saline bag. This new technology has the potential to save millions of lives. Learn more at .

Click here to learn about FosmoMed’s progress since winning the Innovation Fellows Competition.

2014 Finalists



Give kids a chance to walk


Sweet Bites


Talkitt-This is my voice


Artificial fingers for kids


Do you have the next big idea for meaningful innovation?

Philips is giving $60,000 to the next #bigidea in health and well-being

Based on the concept of “open innovation,” we believe that everyone has the potential to change the way we live our lives – for the better. That’s why we are calling on you to submit the next big idea to address the gaps recently identified in our North American Innovation Report.

According our research, nearly two-thirds of North Americans consider themselves innovators, and the majority of which believe they are sitting on an idea for “the next big thing,” and just need money and know-how to develop it. And, the top two items innovations felt were the key to achieving successful innovation was financial support from big companies and mentor relationships. Respondents also said successful innovation improves lives, makes daily life easier, and meets an unmet societal need. In other words, people are not as interested in technologies that are created for technology’s sake, but those that are meaningful.

As a result, we are calling on you to submit your ideas for products and services that will help change the way we live. Do you have an idea for the next big thing in health and well-being? Do you want to help change the world? If so, we want to hear from you.

How it works

Register, create and fundraise

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Official Rules

Success factors

It takes more than just having a great idea to become an Innovation Fellow.


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Crowdfunding tips

What are we looking for?

Apply now

The Innovation Fellows program is accepting applications from July 23, 2014 - August 22, 2014.


To apply, click on the Register Now link in the top right corner of this page and fill out the form.

How It Works

Phase 1 – Submit an idea
Starting in July, interested participants can register here and submit their #bigidea. The Innovation Fellows competition is looking for the best products, services and tangible ideas that address the key innovation opportunities of Living Well, Being Healthy, and Enjoying Life. Note: If you already have a campaign live on Indiegogo that you’d like to add to our competition, please be sure to add a link to your campaign in your entry.

If your idea is selected, you will receive an e-mail confirmation about how to move onto Phase 2 of the competition.


Phase 2 – Build your campaign on Indiegogo
Philips is partnering with Indiegogo to host this competition to see which ideas can garner the most support through crowdfunding. If your idea is accepted, you will be notified by Philips, and you will have the opportunity to start building your pitch on Indiegogo.  You have until August 31 to push your campaign live on Indiegogo

Learn more about creating campaigns through Indiegogo.


Phase 3 – Finalists selected and notified
Once the Innovation Fellows projects go live on Indiegogo, entrants will fundraise through crowdsourcing to showcase which ideas have the greatest potential. Campaigns will be live through September. Philips will announce five finalists mid-October as determined by the Philips Steering Committee. Each finalist will receive a $10,000 cash prize.


Phase 4 – Winner selected
The grand prize will be selected by Philips employees. One grand-prize winner will receive an additional $50,000 cash prize ($60,000 in total) and mentoring from Philips executives and relevant business line leaders.



Success factors

The Philips Innovation Competition focuses on the key innovation opportunities to help people live well, be healthy and enjoy life.


Success in this competition requires:

  • Innovation and Creativity - we're looking to reward new ways of tackling the innovation gap
  • Vision and feasibility - entrants will need to clearly explain the project, plans to bring it to life, and how it can scale to help more people
  • Transparency - be specific about how the funds raised will be used to progress the project
  • Impact - successful projects will solve an unmet need and have a meaningful impact on peoples' lives
  • Support - show support for the ideas by having a minimum of 100 contributors and meeting at least 20% of the fundraising goal*


    What are we looking for?

    The Philips Innovation Fellows Competition focuses on the key innovation opportunities, specifically:

  • Living Well: There is high demand to see innovations across all living well attributes; restful sleep and sense of security at home lead as important factors to "Live Well."
  • Being Healthy: People surveyed place high importance on being able to look after/monitor their family’s health, seek medical treatment, prevent illness and live a healthy lifestyle. Alongside living a healthy lifestyle, Americans also place high importance on preventative health.
  • Enjoying Life: Most people would like to see innovations that would help provide greater happiness in their lives, including being comfortable at home, living independently as one ages, and being an active part of one’s local community.
  • Meet the Steering Committee

    Brent Shafer, CEO, Philips North America

    Bruno Biasiotta, President, Philips Lighting Americas

    Iain Burns, CEO, Philips Canada

    Sean Hughes, Chief Design Officer, Philips Healthcare

    Sharon Rossi, President, Philips Consumer Lifestyle

    Dr. Eric Silfen, Chief Medical Officer, Philips Healthcare


    Contact Us

    Interested in learning more about the Philips Innovation Fellows Competition? Contact us at for more information.


    * The Philips Steering Committee also reserves the right to select “wild card” ideas that have not met their financial support goals (in lieu of another campaign that has), if it believes the ideas satisfy all other criteria set forth by the competition. However, the selection of a “wild card” project is not guaranteed, so entrants should make all efforts to meet these goals.